Purchaser Reports

Below is an outline of the purchaser report services we provide.

All prices are GST inclusive

Building Structural Inspection

from $360 for homes and units
  • Covers matters relating to building structural issues only. (does not cover timber pest issues)
  • Covers the locating and reporting of any major and significant issues that would be detrimental to the structural integrity.

Pest Only Inspection

from $360 for homes and units
  • Covers timber pest matters in respect to termites and/or borer and provides critical information.
  • Includes assessment of vulnerabilty and conducive nature to pest activity.
  • Includes comments as to adequacy of protection with recommendations.

Building Structural & Pest Inspection

from $499 for homes and units.
  • Covers both building structural and timber pest matters in a single report.
  • Moisture and Ventilation testing can be added to this service.
  • Contact us for full details as price may vary depending on service required and the type of property being inspected.