Purchaser Reports

Below is an outline of the purchaser report services we provide.

All prices are GST inclusive

Building Structural Inspection

from $395 for homes and units
  • Covers matters relating to building structural issues only. (does not cover timber pest issues)
  • Covers the locating and reporting of any major and significant issues that would be detrimental to the structural integrity.
  • May be executed as a one off service or added to other inspection services offered by KAV.

Pest Only Inspection

from $395 for homes and units
  • Covers timber pest matters only.
  • May be used for the purpose of ascertaining the condition of the property in respect to timber pest matters. It may be used for the purpose of purchasing a property.
  • Covers the locating (or otherwise) of specific species of Termite and/or Borer being live and active within the boundaries of a property and structures subject to the inspection.
  • Reports on any significant or major damage and includes findings and recommendations.

Building Structural & Pest Inspection

starting at $495 for homes and units. Contact us for full pricing details.
  • A popular inspection service covering both building structural and timber pest matters.
  • Determines whether or not critical, major and/or significant concerns of a structural and timber pest nature exist within the boundaries of the property and nominated structures housed within.
  • Covers critical matters that would concern a client. (including a proposed purchaser)
  • Only reports on the matters seen to be of a major concern and detrimental to the property. (does not report on general wear and tear)
  • Moisture and Ventilation testing can be added to this service.