Pre Sale Inspections


This service is for the purpose of assessing and/or identifying any significant matters that may impact on a property's value that could disadvantage the Vendor on the sale.


It is normally executed prior to the property being offered for sale and provides an opportunity for the Vendor to address any matters seen worthy of attending to. In most cases, a property inspected is normally found to be acceptable and suitable for sale, void of any work, yet it is a wise move to execute this type of inspection to make sure that significant concerns do not exist, or if present, may be attended to.


The service does not comment on typical and expected general wear and tear and/or matters encapsulated within the agent's appraisal. The sole purpose is to cover major and/or significant concerns that may or may not be present.


In a case where nothing needs to be done, the Vendor report service may proceed immediately, with the report constructed and being made available. The KAV independent expert report then supports the agent's appraisal and the evaluation of the sale price.


In a case where work is required, the Vendor report can be placed on hold, where KAV will return to the site when suitable and then complete the Vendor report service.


This Pre Sale service is being recommended by many agents, with the Vendor report made available to proposed purchasers, free of any fees, and transferable to the eventual purchaser.