Other Services

All services outlined here are priced on application.

Verbal Reports

This service provides a Verbal report only, yet the quality and execution of the inspection doesn't change.


The cost is lower than that of the same service where normally, a written report is provided.


There are many reasons why a client may require an expert opinion and advice on a matter, void of a report being constructed.


Verbal reports do not offer the same security or guarantee as a written report. Contesting or making a claim related to  verbal reporting would be in most cases impossible.


All payments for verbal reporting must be made on site at period of inspection.

Valuations & Estimations for insurance purposes

This service is designed to provide a client with an estimation of replacement costs for all improvements to the unimproved land within the boundaries of the property.


The report provides an independent experts opinion as to the estimated replacement costs for insurance cover.


The report will include costing associated to demolition and replacement plus estimation of time for the entire work (it does not allow for accommodation).


This service may also be included at the time of the pre-purchase inspection, yet the client would need to notify KAV prior to attending the site.

Progressive Building Inspections

This type of inspection service provides progress and final inspection reports on new homes, renovations and/or extensions.


The service provides added security in knowing the work is to be inspected at specific periods during construction, up until the final inspection.


Having an independent building inspection carried out at regular intervals certainly plays a major part in assuring the quality of work expected of the main contractor and others associated during the execution of construction.


These inspections may vary pending clients needs and type of work, yet in most cases inspections carried out to a typical domestic dwelling or new home may be as follows:

Inspection 1
Site inspection being an inspection of vacant land prior to any works being carried out.
Inspection 2
Steel, formwork, pest and moisture barrier inspection prior to concrete placement.
Inspection 3
Inspection at period when slab placement has been completed.
Inspection 4
Inspection of pest and moisture barriers including masonry and framing at this period.
Inspection 5
Inspection of masonry facade walls and framing at period masonry has reached a height of 1500mm above ground floor level.
Inspection 6
Inspection of masonry facade and other walls including all timber framing, floor sheeting, service lines, roof framing and cover, facia, barges and eaves. In short, all areas subject to the inspection prior to the concealing by and/or placement of internal linings.
Inspection 7
Pre practical completion inspection.
Inspection 8
Defects Liability Building Inspection.