Maintenance Reports

This service is popular with Agents and Landlords requiring knowledge as to the condition of a property being subject to letting (see information regarding Dilapidation Reports).


KAV provide an independent expert report as to the condition of the subject property, in respect to overall condition and/or on a specific matter.


The report shows areas requiring maintaining or remedial work and on areas likely to require work in the future. This allows for parties to execute work avoiding ongoing deterioration or failure. It also allows for planing as to future work and costs.


The need to identify and report on major and/or significant defects that exist now and/or could develop into a situation causing damage and a possible claim is paramount. Failure to do this is not a defence in any matter being claimed. It actually shows negligence.


Most Agents realise that any property they are managing may be subject to a claim for damage of some sort.


The list of concerns and complaints being directed to Agents can be numerous and vary significantly. They often show a history seen as longstanding and ongoing.


The concerns may be due to the combined or contributing negligence encapsulating the Tenant and the Landlord. This being common in respect to claims related to moisture and ventilation concerns.


Many Agents are now realising the importance in having a fully independent expert report executed, yet recommending the service and cost be shared by the Tennant and Landlord to assist both parties and avoid costly disputes within the NCAT or District Court.


Both parties move to rely on the independent experts opinion. This supports all parties and the Agent to a significant degree (avoiding unnecessary and extensive work).


Pricing of this service is available on application.