Dilapidation Reports

This service covers the following:

An inspection of the subject for the purpose of constructing a Dilapidation Survey. The Survey records the condition of the subject at the time of the inspection. The reporting may be used to compare the condition of the same subject at some later period.


The reporting is constructed by KAV (being independent experts) and executed in accordance to the experts code of conduct, applicable to the NSW District Court. The report must comply and serve the purpose of providing reliable information to recipients, including a Tribunal or Court.


Dilapidation surveys are essential where a subject is likely to be impacted on by whatever is causing damage. It's critical to be in a position to show the extent of damage that is occurring or has occurred. These types of reports are seen to be essential and the cost associated to executing the survey is insignificant compared to the cost realised if not carried out and a claim for damage arises. It's critical to be able to support your position if making a claim or defending one. It's impossible to do this in any reliable way void of having a Dilapidation Survey executed.

Some reasons for these reports being carried out:

Wherever a property is being Let or Rented. Regardless as to the type of property, being industrial, commercial or domestic and/or if new or occupied prior. The survey will show the condition of the property or subject prior to occupation. This would be essential for theTenant and Landlord where the sharing of costs for the service is not uncommon.


The survey will record and show existing defects within the property, so at some later period, if a claim is made regarding damage, the survey may support either party in an acceptable and reliable way.


Wherever work of any nature is being executed within range of the subject property and likely to cause damage. The survey will show any variations to the subject property if occurring during ongoing work or post work being executed. The report would be carried out prior to any proposed works being started and the condition of the subject would be evaluated at any period after commencement or completion of the work.


The cost will vary depending on the extent of works needed to execute the report.


KAV offer this type of service at a very reasonable cost. We advise clients to contact us regarding this service to allow for pricing to be evaluated.